Jewellery goes beyond self-expression and opens a door to our inner world, we the jewellery producers follow our dreams and feel the joy of creativity in each piece carefully selected.

The past two years haven’t been the easiest. We all went through many new challenges, ending up with changes in every part of our lives. Now is a great time for a fresh start, knowing that this is the year to feel good again!

We enter 2022 with a color inspired by the world of dreams. The Pantone Color Institute announced Very Peri(Pantone 17-3938), the most beautiful shade of purple coming out of the happiest and warmest blue tone, as the color of the year for 2022. This choice has typically been influential in both fashion and jewellery groups. This very new color encourages personal inventiveness and creativity, an inspiration we need for the new year coming. Some glamorous gemstones like tanzanites, amethysts and sapphires have very peri tones so they’ll be used a lot to create fascinating jewels. Vice President of the Institute Laurie Pressman says ‘’It’s a color very well suited to enamel coatings which could be included into fine jewelry-i.e. butterflies or bird pins rings or bracelets or every patterning for earrings and neck.’’ 

JCK contributing editor Amy Elliott adds ‘’We are nostalgic for the past right now when things feel so uncertain and turbulent. It’s nice to feel the warmness and sincerity of our memories. The designs of this year will uplift us with spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence of these tones.’’ (

Checking the catwalks of fashion giants like Versace, Fendi, Carolina Herrera who are into jewelry too, we notice jewelry trends that are going to make waves in the upcoming year. All the beauties of nature, especially the flowers have inspired beautiful jewellery designs for centuries. This year we will be seeing more huge flowers in all the fashion and jewellery collections.When we look at the styles of 2022 jewellery we see that statement necklaces will be glowing up attractive women’s outfits. The Go-big-or-go-home motto will be spread around with oversized earrings, cuffs or necklaces to carry the luxurious styles in distinguished looks.

Still timeless jewellery pieces adorned with diamonds and colorful gemstones will keep their place in the collections of high jewellery producers. Magical and extraordinary designs muse us, even help us move on to the next stages of glamorous lives. Everything is about expanding the boundaries of creativity and reality. In 2022 Gelosia Jewellery we will keep on coloring the World with the passion to create unique and inspirational art pieces.

Wishing Happy New Year all full of love and joy!