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We came together with all of our employees as a company at the thermal hotel in yalova for the weekend.
In our all hands meeting, we evaluated 2021 and shared our expectations and plans for 2022. At our meeting, all our employees spent a very efficient work time and our company consultant nazi̇f özdemi̇r made a presentation covering both the passed year and the new year.

All the team members of gelosia shared their opinions about 2021 and 2022 while we also discussed about our targets, plans and strategies. Gelosia company co-founder and ceo mr. Burhan abazi̇ has shared his wishes and expectations.

With various activities like snowball games, nature walks and pool tournaments, we all had an enjoyable time for two days.
We have shown our difference in our industry by making these events continuous. All the team members had the maximum communication with each other and we were all satified of the outcomes of the organization.

We already started to think about our next event.
Thank you to burhan abazi̇ for organizing these productive meetings and wish us all a great year.

We as GELOSIA organized a company training program in collaboration with all of our employees in Abant on the 4th&5th of  September 2021. The training was given by Nazif Ozdemir who has been providing consultancy services  in the jewellery industry for over a decade. 


The two days training program was very efficient and productive. The time spent together and the education received in two days, contributed a lot to our employees. 
As Gelosia we care deeply about the constant improvement of our team. Here are the notes of our CEO Burhan Abazi about the training program and the consultancy service:
  • We give great importance to improvement and innovation as a company. Therefore, we decided to work with Nazif Ozdemir, an experienced consultant in the field.
  • Our aim is to identify our areas for improvement and to take the necessary actions to take our brand further with the help of experienced professionals .
  • We wanted to uplift our team’s motivation through intermingling between teams in a social setting and to improve our expertise through qualified trainings at  our training camp. 
  • We will go on making difference in the jewellery industry through our corporate activities as well as our  impressive jewellery production. So similar enterprises will be repeated periodically.

We are aiming to improve the strength and excellence in administration as well as marketing, sales, production and shipment departments through consulting services. At the end of the training program, seeing the contentment of all participants made us think that we’re on the right track.